School Cleaning in West LA

With the school year about to begin, educational facilities across the country are finding their buildings in need of a thorough cleaning. In addition to a fresh start, cleanings throughout the year is high priority. Examining certain criteria when selecting a new cleaning company can help schools to make the right decision for both deep cleaning and ongoing maintenance.

Experience in Education

Hiring a company like System4 that has worked in schools before is critical. These companies will likely have a better knowledge of a school’s need and, as a result, have the ability to clean in a more efficient manner. They will also likely be more prepared to work within a set school schedule.


Ensuring that your schedule matches with the company’s schedule is imperative. While some janitorial work is required throughout the school day, other projects have to be completed when the students leave for the day. Also, the school may host events on the weekends at times and, therefore, require janitorial services on those days.  Even if your education facility has on-staff team, maintenance is the priority and supplemental ongoing cleaning may still be necessary.

Years in Business

Now is the time to hire a cleaning company since the busy school year is either close to or has already begun. Working with a company without experience in it’s background could be a risk for a school. These type of relationships may force you to make janitorial changes during the busy school year.  Opting for a cleaning company that has decades of experience and a successful track record can help to prevent this issue from happening.

Safe Products

With children in the school for the majority of the day, educational facilities need to ensure that the cleaning products used are of a high quality. In fact, they may need to make certain that the cleaning products do not have certain ingredients in them. Some schools state that they are facilities that are friendly to the environment. Schools making this claim would have to select cleaning companies that use such products.

As children begin to get ready to go back to school, educational facility managers are also preparing for the return of the kids. One important step involves making sure that a cleaning company capable and available for the entire year.

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