End of Year Cleaning and New Year Cleaning in Los Angeles

Well, the holidays are upon us and whether we are responsible for a building, office(s), restaurants, retail operation or any kind of other facility, we have some end of year preparation to complete.  Here are some thoughts to help you get to the finish line and start the new year with a  “Clean” slate.

Office Cleaning Los Angeles

It doesn’t matter what size office you are in, the end-of-year madhouse will end soon only to roll into the preparation and strategic set-up to begin the new year strong.  A lot of organizations introduce new tactics, out with the old per say.  Some set office new year resolutions.  Some have new objectives and goals.  A new year is new hope.  No time to let it sink in, no time to be distracted.  Most of the cleanings during the year have equipment and papers covering most surfaces.  In order for your organization to start fast, have your employees clear their desks and order a thorough cleaning of the office. Have them remove all items from your lunch room and break areas.  Also ask them to identify necessities for their job and to bring all the extra accumulated items home. This will help you get off to that fast, fresh start.

Floor & Restroom Cleaning Los Angeles

General cleaning throughout the year is extremely important as we know.  But the ongoing maintenance of the facility can be helped with having some deep cleaning throughout the year.  Dependent on traffic volume in your office, flooring should be deep cleaned and treated at least twice a year.  Restrooms can become filled with ongoing odors even with regular cleaning.  Again this is somewhat dependent on factors like how many people use the facilities and how often they receive regular cleaning.

Restaurant Cleaning Los Angeles

300+ days of serving great meals has turned into quite the dilemma as we end the year strong.  Holiday celebrations and family visits make this one of the busiest times of the year.  We have a lot on our plate (no pun intended) and want to start the year as fresh as we can.  Sometimes, we will need to subsidize our cleaning team as we have employees that take time off for the holidays.  When we initially view the outsourcing of services, we must include the fact that we are hiring professionals and we can utilize their skills to not only “cover” for our team, but take advantage and get them to perform important “Deep-cleaning” to keep our equipment in top shape for the new year.

The other thing to consider – if you are unhappy with your current cleaning company, what better way to test out a new one by having them do a one time deep clean?  If they do a good job you have found your new cleaning company!

Your end of year is busy we know, but some of the items listed above can hinder your approach to the new year.  If you are evaluating a new cleaning company now or in the near future, please allow us to introduce ourselves.  We are full service including a unique approach to managing Facility Services that you have to see to believe.  Save time and money with System4.


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