The Changing Seasons – What Pests Will They Bring to your Business

There’s no doubt that any business, big or small, must always have some form of pest management to keep their buildings sanitary and safe for employees and customers alike. As the seasons change, so do the weather conditions and the pests that react to said changes. Fall is one of the most anticipated seasons; it brings cooler weather, warmer food, and verdant green leaves become yellow and orange. Unfortunately, this also encourages pests like cockroaches and spiders such as brown recluse, and rodents like mice and rats and raccoons to seek refuge from the winter just around the corner. Pests carry diseases such as Salmonella and Hantavirus, trigger asthma attacks with droppings and urine fumes, and by chewing through electronic cables can cause fire to erupt both inside and outside of the walls of your business. In the case of poisonous spiders, employees and customers can suffer venomous, life threatening bites if not kept at bay by regular pest control sprays. It’s better to be proactive in fighting off pests than to manage them after a problem occurs.

Pests have many options when it comes to finding a place to nest. Rats and mice in particular gravitate toward ducts and vents because they’re warm and dark; the perfect place for breeding. Insects also like dark places such as desk drawers, cracks in the walls and ceilings and refrigerators. They’ll even take up residence within the walls if it’s easy to access. If you own a restaurant, keeping appliances and floors spotlessly clean is absolutely vital to keeping creepy critters away.

In the west of the country, you may not find as distinct a change in the seasons’ weather patterns. Fall is more mild there, but it still has its pest threats in the form of insects and creepy crawlies. Fall in the East brings a colder season, which means rodents will often look for a place to nest to escape the chill and protect their young.

Some tips for protecting your business can be vital to facility management. For your consideration:

  • Dispose of waste in sealed bins
  • Check for any moisture spots like drains, vents, pipes, and refrigerators
  • Hire licensed pest control services to spray monthly
  • Have employees store lunches and snacks in airtight containers
  • For older buildings, be sure to have cracks and holes sealed professionally


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