Reasons To Outsource Your Los Angeles Commercial Cleaning Needs

Seven solid reasons why you should outsource your cleaning

Outsourcing any of your business’ functions is often a strategic question, especially if is a key function.  Maintenance service of your building – like janitorial – is usually a low hanging fruit where it comes to outsourcing. Here are seven solid reasons why:

Save money on Commercial Cleaning

Having your own employees provide cleaning services means not only paying those employees, but potentially also offering them the same benefits that your other staff enjoy, like paid-time-off, health insurance, and 401k match.  These benefits can be very expensive.

You would have to invest in equipment and spend money on the subsequent maintenance.  Then there is also training and outfitting to consider.

A third party cleaner on the other hand can offer the labor and equipment at a lower costs because it does not have the staff benefits related expenses, plus it enjoys the economy of scale by using their equipment across multiple clients.

Better Commercial Cleaning Service

When outsourcing building services, the quality of your building maintenance often improves significantly. A commercial cleaning company makes it their business to implement to best techniques.  Like most customer relations, a janitorial company will not only deliver good service, but will also work hard to keep your business!

Hiring Professional Commercial Cleaning Expertise

Just like you know your business in and out, so does the janitorial company. They will stay up to date with the best practices, products, and cleaning equipment.  Cleaning products that are safe around pets and children are very different those for a production environment.  If you want to have products that have a lower impact on the environment your cleaning company will be able to advise on the green products to use.

A Flexible Schedule with Professional Cleaners

When you hire a cleaning company, you can scale the amount of cleaning in your office depending upon your needs. If you are a tax advisor for example, you are likely to have more traffic in our office in the first four months of the year.  Your cleaning company will accommodate you in the busy months, and can scale back in the quieter months.

Hosting a special event for your clients?  Preparing for an official visit from headquarters and need the office to look extra clean?  Christmas party cleanup?  The flexibility of having extra manpower one phone call away makes planning a lot easier.

By employing staff you automatically get confronted with not only the planning their schedules and vacation time, but also with having to find solutions for unplanned events.  Unplanned events such as leave of absence or an resignation.  Engaging a solid outside janitorial company means that you will not have to worry about such incidences as they will get a replacement and get your place looking good all year round without interruption.

Staff Management

Some consider managing staff an art form.  Every type of business, whether it is a car dealership, a medical practice, daycare, accountants office – each requires its own unique management approach.  Managing janitorial staff is likely to require a totally different style.

Save Time With Professional Commercial Cleaners

Time is in short supply and managing a business consumes just that: time.  You want to focus your attention on doing what you are good at.  Free yourself from the clutter (see what we did there?) so that you can run your business.  If cleaning is not your core business, ask yourself this: “is this where I want to spend my energy?”


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